Hello. My name is Eric. I'm an Art Director, uncle, and creator of 
If you would like a PDF of my work or resume sent to you, email me through the "Contact Me" link on the left.

DROP-IN & REHAB CENTRE: Calgary, Canada. This is a personal project I'm trying to complete and at the very early stages of it.

THE JOURNEY OVER: From London to NYC: Short film. This is a classic story of a man looking to find himself. He's looking for the next adventure and chapter in his life. He wants to explore the world. Leaving his home town of London behind, he sets on a journey to discover a new city. A city he will love. New York City.


2008 WACHOVIA CHAMPIONSHIP :30 TV Spot (it was my first spot produced!)
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Here is a video my writer and I did after a few months of working at Mullen. We sent an all agency email (200+) out the next morning. Strategy: Eric, Your Newly Elected Social Chair, wants a huge participation in an outing to Charlotte, N.C. for the night. Was it a success? Sort of. Five went down to Charlotte including myself and my writer, but we did get lots of emails, if that counts.
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