ALTOIDS: Our outdoor boards utilize a mobile technology called Jagtag. It's the only 2D barcode system that does not require the consumer to download an application into their handset. Once the consumer takes a photo of the code, Mary's sign language messages are sent through video to the user's handset.

DICKIES.COM: This was spec work for Dickies retail website. We wanted to bring the consumers into the actual work environment and show how rugged and tough their clothing is. We would sponsor an actual site, and film it from start to finish. We would team up with google earth and use their technology to show how the website works. We also added two microsites: Dickies Hall of Fame and The Torture Chamber. The Hall of Fame allows you to read true stories of consumers and see their "battle wounds" and The Torture Chamber is a fun interactive game to show you how tough these clothes are.

SAHURI + PARTNERS: Calgary based architect firm SAHURI + Partners wanted an interactive way to showcase their homes. We decided to incorporate Augmented Reality into their business cards. By sending out a virtual business card that can be viewed on a cellphone screen, the user can then flash their phone in front of their computer’s webcam to see a 3D, 360 degree image of what a SAHURI home looks like on screen.
SOUTHERN ALBERTA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: iPhone App "Virtual Calendar": Getting to school on time and hunting down classrooms can be very stressful for first year students or those new to campus. Virtual Calendar finds the quickest bus, train, and car routes and maps out the exact location of classrooms on campus using the iPhone's GPS device. Once on campus, hold your iPhone camera up and watch pop-ups of the exact locations and times of your classes. Even your professors can send you message notifications of cancelled classes and whether your test had been bumped to another day. Need a coffee? Do a quick search for the nearest shop and watch pop-ups appear allowing you to chose where to get that cup of coffee.